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Space hotel launching in 2021 will cost you S$12.5m per fortnight

Not bad of a deal really, only four guests aboard at any one time, with two-way transport and a 3-month training session included in the price.

Move aside, mile-high club. Stratospheric stays are coming to a planet near you, and it’s got a price tag to match.

The Aurora Space Station hotel is looking for a literal launch into low orbit by 2021, and will be able to take on guests in its pair of ultra-luxe suites by 2022. Two crew members will service the vacationers, who will also have access to a holodeck, unlimited hours of zero-grav loitering, and the opportunity to grow plants in space. Photo opps abound as well – get a snapshot of your hometown from space, or catch the aurora borealis (Northern / Southern Lights) from an angle that none of your peers can match.

The actual stay will span 12 days, although prospective guests must undergo a three-month training program to prepare them for the trials of space travel. Fret not, Orion Span, the company behind this, states that much of it is theory-based and can be completed via their online portal.

Move fast and register your interest if you want to be part of the pioneer wave; apparently they’ve been booked for the first four months within just three days of their launch announcement. If you do end up liking the experience enough, stay tuned to Orion Span’s developments. They’re drawing up plans to launch condominiums in space, which sound to us like the ultimate way to get away from it all.