[dropcap size=small]S[/dropcap]aving otherwise-doomed Vespas from a crushing end is Barcelonia-based design firm Bel & Bel, founded by 2005 by Carles Bel and Jesus Bel (unrelated). The 4-man outfit has made a business out of upcycling car and scooter parts and fashioning them into rather charming furniture pieces, or even appliances.

Inside the workshop in Barcelona, Spain.

One of their most popular projects to date has been the self-explanatory Scooter Chair, which comprises the restored monocoque chassis attached to swivel legs and fitted with leather upholstery, for an office chair that’s nearly as comfortable as it is swanky.

The founding pair are big on recycling and view their work as a statement against the waste generated by planned obsolescence. Most of their products are fashioned out of condemned vehicles – think a fridge that was once the trunk of a car or a sofa crafted out of its engine compartment. Score one for ingenuity and the environment.