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[VIDEO] Watch The 2016 Bugatti Chiron Launch in Singapore

You HAVE to hear the engine roar from the Veyron's successor. It's bigger, faster and will cost a cool $3.8 million.

The beloved Bugatti Veyron (the Super Sport variant, anyway) can now retire in peace – its successor looks primed to carry on the legacy of world’s fastest hypercar. The Chiron will be available for viewing at the Amber Lounge over the F1 Weekend before returning to the Wearnes Automotive premises for up to a fortnight.

The production run of 500 hardly seems enough for the collectors around the world – 200 pre-orders have been made before the global launch has even ended. Best get a date with it before it moves on to the next leg of its world tour, and free up a spot in your foreign garage (it won’t be street legal, no surprises there).

With a electronically-enforced top speed of 420kmh and a speedometer that reads up to five hundred, there’s no telling yet what new records are going to be set by this beauty of a beast – or its Super Sport variant – once the gloves come off.

Your move, SSC NorthAm.

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