I’ll probably join camp Sweden on this one. Contrary to what years of consuming Hollywood blockbusters might have led me to believe, I’m probably not the enemy-of-the-state type. Now, if I ever plan to be, the chip will be the first thing to go.  
Liao Xiangjun
Features Writer
It will eliminate the need to remember my 10 zillionth password. Its tracking capabilities (if privacy-concern fears are to be believed) might prove useful decades on in helping my family to locate aged me when she absently wanders into random neighbourhoods to feed cats.



Lynette Koh
Watches & Fashion Editor
As someone with a faint set of fingerprints, I cannot unlock my iPhone with my thumb or clear immigration without being detained. If microchips are the new standard of identification, I’d gladly slip it under my skin. Denise Kok
Features Editor

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Jennifer Chen

Not if there is no off-switch.

Adeline Wong
Anybody with the right device can hack or track me, and misuse my personal data. Who knows how the geopolitical climate might evolve (or devolve), and if we might need to go off-grid one day? Smart gadgets work just fine.