Amid the pounding excitement of watching horses gallop the last 100 metres to the finish line at last Sunday’s $1.15 million Emirates Singapore Derby, one guest had more at stake than just her bet. Elise van Stolk had ignored the predictions of punters and went with her gut. Her gut won. Jupiter Gold beat the favourite, Elite Invincible, and established a pattern of trainer Hideyuki Takaoka’s horse winning that also served her well in the next race, when Takaoka’s Makanani again beat the favourite to win. “It’s good to have your judgement confirmed,” the Singapore-based artist said, laughing. “Punters are not always right”. The Derby is the only race the New-York native attends in the year, because it’s a chance to dress up and see guests at their glamorous best. But the highlight this year, she said, was winning.