JeweLuxe took guests of The Peak on an intimate jewellery experience at its newly launched gallery at Scotts Square. The by-invite-only event brought exquisite jewellery pieces from more than 30 international brands closer to our guests within the plush and cosy setting of the gallery.

5 Jewellery designers capsule on display for a limited period :

  1. Alessandra Dona – Established in 2009, the eponymous brand by Venetian designer Alessandra Dona specialises in pearl jewellery with modern, sculptural appeal.
  2. Tenzo – The journey of Tenzo began with Alexander Tenzo’s trip to Sri Lanka, where he first became acquainted with the world of gemstones. Working with his team of skilled craftsmen, the designer highlights the beauty of precious stones with striking designs and exceptional techniques. These exquisite, one-of-a-kind pieces are of heirloom quality.
  3. Faraone Mennella – Founded by Roberto Faraone Mennella (who passed away from cancer last year) and Amedeo Scognamiglio, the brand is famed for bringing its inimitable sparkle to the TV series Sex & the City. The brand’s pieces stylishly meld the Italian heritage of its founders with a playful, contemporary style.
  4. House of Geneva – House of Geneva was created in 2017 by a Swiss family that has been in the gemstone business for four generations. A champion of sustainable practices, the company produces its jewels with ethical gold and supports artisanal mining.
  5. Amedeo – Amedeo seeks to revitalise the ancient art of cameo-making with a contemporary approach that involves the use of unusual materials, as well as unexpected and bold ideas.


*The JeweLuxe event was held in Phase 2 of Covid-19