“The game was good and the weather and company were great,” Stephanie Lee, executive director of a family investment holding company, observed as she stepped off The Serapong course at Sentosa Golf Club. “But I feel I can —  and should — always strive to play better!”

“What I love most about golf is the fellowship with your flight mates,” added Ken Khoo, who has golfed twice weekly for the past 30 years. “Golf is a sport that also teaches patience and discipline.” Hands-on in his philanthropic endeavours, the company director is known to organise charity golf tournaments in support of causes such as breast cancer awareness. 

Both were among three flights who joined The Peak and Tag Heuer for a day of camaraderie, good food and invigorating seaside breeze earlier this month. 

The reason for the convivial catchup: to strap on the Swiss watchmaker’s newest smartwatch, the striking TAG Heuer Connected Watch Calibre E4 – Golf Edition. 

A standout success since its launch in 2018, the new Connected Golf Edition features numerous technical improvements, including an automated shot-tracker, an easier to control interface with high-resolution 2D maps showing hazards and distances on more than 40,000 golf courses around the world, and a magnetic ball marker built right into the strap.

Also displaying good form on the green was Garry Tay, an engineering and business development director at a Japanese multinational, who modestly claimed a 15-year “love-hate relationship” with the sport.. 

TAG Heuer Connected Watch Calibre E4 - Golf Edition
TAG Heuer Connected Watch Calibre E4 – Golf Edition

A fitness buff, who runs and attends HIIT sessions regularly, Tay is seldom without a smartwatch, and while on the green, an assistive tool such as a rangefinder and a Golf GPS watch. For him, battery life is a top requirement for devices, and he noted that this new generation of Connected watches now offer a full day of battery life, even after using its golf functions. 

One thing he would like to request the watchmaker though: an even bigger dial for the Golf Edition — currently available in 45mm — to make score entry and reading even more effortless.

For Lee, who typically prefers mechanical timepieces because “there’s usually a story behind its creation” but goes without one during sports, wearing the Connected Calibre E4 for the first time felt surprisingly light on the wrist, “and its distance measurement to pin position assisted in my game.”

“It shows your actual position on the course and the distance to hazards, bunkers and greens,” added Khoo. “And when in watch mode, the watch face looks like a real analog dial because the screen is so high in resolution.”