From March 12 to 15, Kaohsiung Exhibition Center and Kha Shing Pier 22 will host the 4th TIBS, showcasing the most luxurious yachts from Taiwan and abroad, giving visitors the opportunity to experience the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Additionally, a range of diving, fishing and marine-related recreational products will be featured, making TIBS the location to view first-hand the scope of this industry.

Blessed with a charming natural environment, Taiwan has seen its recreational tourism industry grow at a rapid pace, especially in the area of aquatic leisure activities. Accordingly a total of four exhibition zones (Yachts and Boats, Boat Accessories and Services, Diving and Fishing Equipment, and Yacht Clubs and Rental Services) will be featured at TIBS and show the development of the marine economy in this island territory. Key exhibitors include Kha Shing, Ocean Alexander, Novatec Yachts, Simpson Marine, Poseidon Yachts, Princess Yachts Taiwan and Amal Yachting.

The main attraction will be Kha Shing’s Monte Fino 66-foot luxury yacht, Elizabeth. Designed by famed yacht designer Tony Castro, the Elizabeth features traditional British designs, as well as an interior capable of fitting up to 12 people. As for Ocean Alexander, its Revolution 84R yacht will debut in Asia. Created by Evan K. Marshall, the 84R is the best example of Taiwan’s excellent shipbuilding capabilities, with its eloquent design for both the interior and the exterior. In addition, Novatec Yachts, in collaboration with Italian designer Carlo Mezzera, will present the S65 SuperNova which incorporates Bugatti’s style elements alongside the signature axe bow. This is the first Italian-designed, Taiwanese-crafted yacht in the world. Suffice to say, the yacht manufacturers in Taiwan have exquisite craftsmanship to provide OEM and customised service to famous brands and yacht groups globally.

Along with the luxury yachts, many recreational yachts will also be featured prominently – for instance, the PRINCESS V39. In order to increase its market share in the Asian market, Princess Yachts Taiwan attained the rights to be the dealership for New Japan Marine, and it predicts that the PRINCESS V39 will be a sales sensation after its showcase at TIBS. Morningstar Boats will continue to showcase its small to medium-sized aluminum yachts, as well as inflatable boats with an aluminum keel, giving water sports enthusiasts more options.

The event will be jointly hosted by the Bureau of Foreign Trade and the Kaohsiung City Government, with support from Taiwan Yacht Industry Association. TAITRA (the Taiwan External Trade Development Council) will hold the 2020 TIBS in March, giving visitors the opportunity to experience the luxury yachts and learn about other sailing-related recreational activities. Also, TIBS will hold seminars and workshops, discussing the future development of the maritime industry.

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