Life is a series of choices, and those that live in the upper echelons of it just have access to much, much more of those. And despite its relative youth, 17-year-old luxury trunk brand Pinel & Pinel understands this perfectly.

Founded by former ad man Fred Pinel and operating out of Paris, Pinel & Pinel builds trunks not to hold mere objects; they were designed to carry dreams. Not only do customers have 250 colours to dress their crocodile, stingray or full grain leather box, they can also request a design to hold just about anything. Just take your cue from the brand’s pals – Krug, Bang & Olufsen, Piaget, the Park Hyatt to name (drop) a few – all of which have commissioned trunks to hold everything from bonsai shears to bicycles.
“Fifty per cent of our business is bespoke now,” shares the 46-year-old Pinel, a self-taught leather worker. “When you want your own trunk, you need to open your heart to me and explain everything about what you love or hate. If you love tigers, I can turn a tiger head into a drawer for you. All the details are made for you, because there must be a sparkle in your eye when you see your trunk.”

Pinel & Pinel’s custom jobs will shine as brightly as your imagination, but you can take inspiration from their collections, just as the guests did at an event held on Oct 15 at the Club 21 store, in conjunction with Johnnie Walker, Breguet and Sincere Fine Watches. The champagne and canapes were almost forgotten in the presence of star pieces like the Arcade Trunk; everyone was eager to have a go at retro favourites like Pac Man and Donkey Kong. Clearly, there is no fantasy too big for a Pinel & Pinel trunk.