Jane Seymour, OBE, winner of the prestigious Emmy Award and two Golden Globe Awards, wowed the audience on April 29 at Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel, with her outstanding performance as Florence Lancaster, an ageing socialite desperately clinging on to her youth, in Noel Coward’s The Vortex. Many readers of The Peak and known names in the Singapore business community turned up in full force at The Vortex Art for Charity Gala, which raised funds for the Singapore Red Cross and the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Said guest Lesley Renton: “I’m looking forward to seeing an amazing Hollywood A-lister and star of British theatre come to Singapore. It’s a predominantly British cast – so Cool Britannia is here, setting the bar really high.”

Here’s what other guests had to say about Seymour and The Vortex.



1 Chan Kwai Sum, right

Chan Kwai Sum (photo, far right)
This is your second time watching The Vortex; tell us what to expect?
The last time Jane Seymour was on stage was 40 years ago with Sir Ian McKellan in Amadeus, so this is quite a momentous occasion. I watched the play on opening night, and the unbridled intensity of her performance blew me away. I think I’ll have to watch it a few more times.


2 Karan Tilani, left

Karan Tilani (photo, far left)
We hear there’s some major bling from your company, World of Diamonds, floating around tonight…
Jane Seymour will be wearing our necklace worth over $30 million during the gala dinner. It comes with an 18-carat pink diamond.

So she won’t be wearing it during the performance?
No – her character gets a little emotional during the show, so fortunately not!


3 Dr Marco Correa, second from left

Dr Marco Correa (photo, second from left)
And are you a fan of Jane Seymour?
Yes! That’s my real reason for coming!


4 Grace Chong and Rex Tan

Grace Chong-Tan and Rex Tan
How are you feeling tonight?
GC: It’s a privilege to be here, with Jane Seymour returning to the stage after so many years, especially with Singapore being her first stop.

Are you a fan?
GC: I am, but my husband is even more of a fan!
RT: Jane Seymour is an iconic actress of our time. She has a lot of class and represents an era of actresses that is very special.


5 Elizabeth and Kris Wiluan

Kris and Elizabeth Wiluan
What brings you here today, Elizabeth?
Jane Seymour is a very good actress; my daughter met her a few days ago.

And Kris, who are you here for?
KW: My wife and my daughter.


6 Suguna Madhavan, second from left

Suguna Madhavan (photo, second from left)
This isn’t your first time watching this play…
I saw the play on opening night; it was wonderful and it lives up to Noel Coward’s reputation. He wrote (The Vortex) when he was barely 24. I’m watching this again tonight with friends, and I think people won’t be disappointed.


7 Christine Amour-Levar, third from left

Christine Amour-Levar (photo, third from left)
We hear you’re a theatre buff; are you also a fan of Jane?
Of course! I’m a big James Bond fan [Jane Seymour played Bond girl Solitaire in Live and Let Die], and I’ve watched many of her movies and TV shows. Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman is one of my favourites.


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