In today’s digital age, mere collection of data is no longer enough to move the needle. Accenture Interactive’s managing director for Southeast Asia Thomas Mouritzen believes that companies need to shift their focus to data-driven business insights and innovative and agile operating models to deliver purposeful experiences for clients. This was the very mindset that enabled Accenture to help PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) transform its traditional transport and solutions business into one with game-changing capabilities and new growth opportunities.

Mouritzen shares more about how the company’s proactiveness in innovation through data-driven technologies and focus on creating purposeful experiences for end users enabled it to win The Peak Tech Laureates award for Digital Innovation.

Thomas Mouritzen, Southeast-Asia MD for Accenture.
Thomas Mouritzen, Southeast-Asia MD for Accenture.

What were the considerations when working with SERA on reimagining their Route to Market?
We started with a human-centric approach and understanding the core challenges of our client. At that time, SERA was struggling to keep up with crucial operational data on its outdated fleet management system and suffering from shrinking revenues due to increased competition from more agile market entrants. By focusing on the needs of end users and of SERA, we came up with a customised solution that helped them turn real-time data into insights – hence improving their efficiency in delivering services – and developed a command centre view for rapid response. The enhanced capabilities not only brought them increased productivity, but also growth in their fleet size – SERA onboarded 28 new customer fleets within a year of launching the new infrastructure.

How has the Covid-19 pandemic changed the way you help your clients to successfully scale digital innovation to drive growth?
The Covid-19 pandemic has triggered an increase in demand for digital services among consumers. From food purchases to doctor’s consultations, many activities that once came from brick-and-mortar shops have gone online in order to remain relevant with consumers who are staying safe at home.

Along with this increase in demand comes heightened competition in the digital market. Our job is to ensure that our clients stay reachable to end users by architecting multiple touchpoints and designing an intuitive experience as quickly as possible. For instance, we created a curbside pickup business model for a large electronics retailer with over 1,400 stores within 48 hours from ideation, all while working from home.

Accenture and PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) at Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC 2019.
Accenture and PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) at Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC 2019.

What sets Accenture apart from other business consulting firms?
We place great emphasis on creating purpose-driven strategies for our clients. This means thinking “human first” and ensuring that the strategies bring value to their employees, end users, as well as the environment while sustaining profitability.

Over the years we have also acquired new capabilities that enhance our services. These include visual effects expertise from award-winning companies like Droga5 and Mackevision, the company behind the computer graphics in Game of Thrones. Having a network and global talent pool of over 500,000 employees also enables us to bring fresh perspectives and to re-imagine experiences for our clients and their customers regardless of their region of operation. We believe in building a future of shared success with our clients that goes beyond economic growth. This has allowed us and our clients to build stronger, more lasting relationships with their customers.

What does it mean for Accenture to win The Peak Tech Laureates award for Digital Innovation (Established Enterprises)?
The award is a great recognition of our efforts as an industry leader in helping businesses apply new technology and leverage data analytics capabilities to create better customer experiences. SERA, the client for our winning project, drew on our strong consulting, systems integration and global automotive experience to implement an integrated fleet management solution that increases efficiency and security in a traditional industry and we are very proud of this achievement.