When Sciente International decided to fund and create MyTechLogy.com in 2012 under its social innovation efforts, it was in line with the company’s aim to help the global IT community and its clients build better technology teams.

For the tech talent management services provider, this meant addressing the shortage of human capital faced in the information technology (IT) industry with a platform that would not only help organisations by enlarging the talent pool of candidates for their IT teams, but also help IT professionals and aspirants grow and develop their talent in the IT industry.

On the platform, users can receive free career guidance and insights derived from live market demand analytics, and experienced IT professionals and career coaches.

Today, MyTechLogy.com has about 35,000 users, with more than 100 career coaches. The platform was also accorded the Human Capital Management award in this year’s Peak Tech Laureates.

Founder and chief executive of Sciente Group, Jitendra Nagpal, shares what makes the platform stand out and his thoughts on continued success in human capital management.

What sets MyTechLogy.com apart from other platforms?
The purpose of delighting the IT community through various value-added services required for IT career progression is what sets our platform apart from others.

When we got our first look at the traffic patterns, and the sheer diversity and number of users, we were both awed and humbled. The insight immediately boosted our motivation to keep going and try to make as much impact on the IT professional community as we could, which we continue to do today.

Founder of Sciente Group Jitendra Nagpal (right).
Founder of Sciente Group Jitendra Nagpal (right).

What do you think is key to sustained success in human capital management?
My personal opinion is that in today’s unpredictable business environment, “learning agility” is one of the most important attributes to ensure the relevance of employees’ skills, and therefore their ability to help their organisations adapt.

That’s the prime reason we share insights of market demands of IT skills on MyTechLogy.com. It is so that IT professionals can continue to learn new skills proactively and stay relevant.

How did Sciente International overcome the challenges in building the platform?
We had to practice “learning agility” in a number of ways. We did a lot of research and talked to a few members of the IT community before creating our initial team and developing the platform.

We also had to initiate conversations with many potential career coaches from various online sources around the world before we could finally build our own pool of coaches. Maintaining the platform to ensure that it is stable and responsive, keeping the data updated all the times, making sure insights are accurate and relevant, and constantly improving the user experience are some of the challenges we face.

What does this win mean for Sciente International?
We feel humbled that our efforts for larger social good are being recognised. It also motivates us and sets an example for others to do more for social good.

As we move ahead, our plans will remain driven and shaped by the needs of the IT community, our clients and the various forces in the ever-changing demands of the job market. We are sure that the learning journeys and experience of MyTechLogy.com will continue to serve its core user base of IT professionals and IT career aspirants.