When IT services company Genesis Networks wanted to pivot towards providing analytical services, it struggled due its fragmented and inefficient storage system. An outdated IT infrastructure also hindered its ability to keep up with dips and spikes in workload cost-effectively. With the help of hybrid cloud data services and data management company NetApp, Genesis Networks emerged with an agile new IT infrastructure that not only increased productivity, but also brought about substantial cost savings.

Sanjay Rohatgi, NetApp’s senior vice-president and general manager for Asia Pacific, shares more about how modern technologies can be leveraged to deliver practical business impacts and why it is vital to keep moving forward.

How does NetApp keep up with the fast pace of the IT industry?
We never stop challenging ourselves and our customers. Instead of releasing new products on the regular to stay relevant, we propose ideas and develop solutions based on real problems faced by our existing customers. For instance, our data fabric technology was a result of speaking with customers who wanted to have all the benefits of a data centre built into a cloud.

Being in constant conversation with our customers helps us discover new ways to improve our products for both existing and prospective customers.

NetApp’s senior VP and general manager for Asia Pacific Sanjay Rohatgi.
NetApp’s senior VP and general manager for Asia Pacific Sanjay Rohatgi.

How are the solutions offered by NetApp different from other hybrid cloud data services and data management companies?
We place great emphasis on innovation when it comes to simplifying the integration and orchestration of data services on cloud platforms. Just last year, we launched a pay-as-you-go programme called NetApp Keystone to eliminate complexities associated with purchasing IT infrastructures and lifecycle management. With Keystone, companies will not only have more flexibility in usage, but also benefit from a clear, easy-to-understand method to manage IT systems.

I think none of our friends in the industry have achieved what we have with Keystone. The value Keystone brings, combined with our expertise in hybrid multi-cloud management and tight partnerships with leading cloud suppliers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, positions us uniquely in the industry.

What do you think NetApp did right to win this award?
I believe we won the award because our solutions leverage modern technologies to deliver practical business impacts.

Our customer Genesis Networks is a case in point. As a managed service provider, Genesis has accumulated different storage brands in its data centre over the years. However, as it started transforming into an analytical provider, it wanted to consolidate and simplify its storage solutions. NetApp’s hyper converged infrastructure (HCI) and data management capabilities in a hybrid cloud multi-cloud environment catered perfectly to Genesis’ needs. The HCI reduced processing time by 40 per cent and costs by 50 per cent. More importantly, the improved performance made customers happier and helped future-proofed Genesis’ business for the next five years.

The NetApp office building.
The NetApp office building.

What can we expect from NetApp in the future?
With ongoing disruptions globally, the way we work will be changed forever. NetApp plans to be at the forefront of this change. We’re used to helping customers prepare their operations for natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods with systems that support remote-access workers, control autonomy and availability of data and applications. The knowledge and experience we gained can be useful in helping organisations across the world navigate today’s uncertainties and ensure business continuity during disruptive times.

Just last month, we acquired Talon Storage to bolster our offerings for remote working. We are also teaming up with Core Scientific and NVIDIA to help researchers combat the coronavirus by helping them leverage cloud-connected storage systems to accelerate their research progress without charge.
NetApp is constantly innovating and evolving, and I am excited about the future.