When GBST, an Australia-based custom technology solutions provider for financial services, hit a roadblock with its test automation frameworks, it sought the help of software testing company Tricentis.

Unlike other test automation solutions, Tricentis Tosca uses a no-code approach that provides ease of use and maintainability, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming test automation frameworks. Besides increasing test efficiency, the solution also enables a smooth user experience by detecting potential defects early on.
Tricentis CEO, Sandeep Johri, shares more on the organisation’s achievements and the role of DevOps in digital transformation.

Sandeep Johri, CEO of Tricentis.
Sandeep Johri, CEO of Tricentis.

What does it mean for Tricentis to be among the winners of the Peak Tech Laureates?
We are honoured to be recognised by such a prestigious and well-regarded institution. At Tricentis, our goal is to deliver an exceptional customer experience and the world’s most innovative and comprehensive testing platform. This award further demonstrates our commitment to excellence and being a global leader relied on by organisations around the world.

What are your proudest achievements for the GBST project?
On top of being very focused towards helping our customers reach their individual goals, we also seek to provide solutions that exceed expectations. While the GBST project initially focused on accelerating testing to support digital transformation, we also increased testing efficiency by reducing testing time and effort by 80 per cent, and increased overall speed and accuracy. This helped to boost morale among team members who were no longer burdened and frustrated with inefficient processes.
With defects being found earlier when they are easier, faster, and less costly to fix, the quality of the customer experience also improved. Since GBST implemented Tricentis, great strides have been made in ensuring that rapid releases enhance the user experience without disrupting existing functionality.

Tricentis exhibiting its solutions.
Tricentis exhibiting its solutions.

Why do you think DevOps plays an important role today in digital transformation?
We believe that digital transformation begins with rethinking the way software is built. Digital transformation is a top priority for almost every organisation. It’s imperative for companies to deliver new products to market faster and methods such as Agile and DevOps have ushered in a new era of rapid development and delivery. To achieve the desired speed, agility, and innovation, enterprises must align business goals with both testing methods and quality ambitions.

What are Tricentis’ plans for the future?
We are always looking to provide leading innovative solutions for our customers. Recently, we have been investing in a new approach to Artificial Intelligence (AI) for testing. Our upcoming AI-based engine will enable coders, business people, and testers to reach stable automation through the next-generation of automation technology. Additionally, we are continually strengthening the integration of our tools to create a platform that can be used for all testing needs across enterprises. Our priority is to deliver solutions that accelerate our customers’ software delivery and transform their organisation in order to achieve their business goals such as digital transformation.