01: Berluti X Oliver Peoples 

[dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]hen two cool brands come together to cross-pollinate ideas, the result is usually greater than the sum of its parts. And so it is with the three-model collection of sunglasses created by luxury fashion house Berluti and American eyewear specialist Oliver Peoples. Timeless shapes are given a distinctive twist through subtle handcrafted details: The Conduit Street collection, for example, sees the classic aviator shape refined with a sleek single bridge with inlaid leather. The standout limited-edition piece, however, is the Sheldrake Leather – a pair of slightly rounded frames with a thinly layered leather front.


02: Bottega Veneta 

How many ways are there to interpret Bottega Veneta’s intrecciato weave? A good number, judging by the latest additions to the label’s eyewear collection, which sees new riffs on the motif each season. Simpler designs include double-bridge Wayfarer-style models featuring engraved intrecciato patterns around the edge of the lenses, while more flamboyant styles include acetate cat’s eye sunglasses where the engraved pattern runs the entire perimeter of the frames. A BV15 limited edition takes the spotlight with a titanium frame, and handcrafted silver or solid-gold inserts with the house’s iconic weave.


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03: Moncler 

Eyewear is big business for designer labels these days, with just about every luxury house boasting its own collection of frames. That also means it takes a lot more to stand out, which is something that Moncler’s latest eyewear range manages pretty easily. We especially like the styles with removable leather blinkers, and curved temples that the skiwear brand describes as “aerodynamic” – a fine example of design that transpires when steampunk hits the slopes.


04: Tom Ford 

See the world through rose-tinted glasses… or in the case of Tom Ford’s latest collection – light blue, yellow or brown ones. Coloured lenses are a recurring trope for the brand’s Spring/Summer eyewear range. But make no mistake, unlike in a good many other instances, the ‘70s hippie flavour usually associated with tinted eyewear is kept to a minimum here, thanks to sleek forms that one can totally imagine on Tom Ford himself (think aviators or a curved Wayfarer-esque style) and modern materials such as top-quality Japanese titanium.


05: Boss 

Cork, leather and stone – these sound like the latest materials in a home accessories collection, but they actually make up the standout touches in the latest shades by Boss. Cork, for instance, is used on the inner side of certain models’ aluminium temples, with its elastic and water-repellent qualities making for comfier wear on those blazing days.


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