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7 men’s luxury watches that look great on women

There’s a general divide in the watch industry that separates men’s watches from women’s watches. Besides being smaller, women’s watches generally are offered in more feminine colours, or go heavy on the diamonds. The modern woman, however, may not favour jewel-encrusted, blatantly pink numbers, or even opt for small dials.

Here’s what’s capturing the attention of the fairer sex: Pieces that are at least 38mm in diameter, and feature bolder, more angular designs. While these watches might have been initially made for men, they’d look great on the ladies, too. Check out a few classic favourites that make great wrist candy.

  • 01: Rolex Datejust 41mm steel

    This classic piece is a worthy investment for both men and women. Its iconic shape and design go beyond changing trends, making this a great investment piece for anyone. At 41mm, it looks striking on a woman’s smaller wrist.

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