Kross Studio - Death Star Tourbillon - 3

If you’re familiar with the plot of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, you’d know the plot revolves around an unlikely band of misfits, securing a vital piece of data that set the entire saga in motion back in 1977. That is, the plans of the Death Star. 

All of that wouldn’t be possible without collaboration, of course, from said misfits, including an unwilling Felicity Jones, a Force-sensitive – yet blind – Donnie Yen, and a reprogrammed Imperial security droid voiced by Alan Tudyk (who, at this point, has voiced just about anything non-human).

As it happens, Swiss-based Kross Studio, started by a quintet of entrepreneurs comprising decades of experience in luxury and design, is all about collaboration as well. Their logo hearkens not only to the iconic Swiss cross but refers to the X you’d use to indicate a collaboration as well.

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SWDST21 Capsule Kyber.FPR

We’ve covered a previous time-focused collaboration – a 512-component clock based on Tim Burton’s 1989 Batmobile, an ultra-famous crime fighting vehicle. Now though, their latest and greatest features a vehicle (of sorts) that’s slightly more nefarious.

Enter the Death Star collector’s set – which encompasses a precision-engineered, Death Star-inspired tourbillon watch, along with official prop kyber crystals, which were used to power both Death Stars, as well as the saga’s iconic weaponry, lightsabers.

For the former, it’s an awe-inspiring mechanical complication that can be appreciated by horologists and Star Wars enthusiasts alike. The titanium case, modelled after the Death Star’s imposing silhouette, brings to bear a luminescent, green superlaser cannon as it goes through a revolution every minute. 

Though not powered by kyber, the house-developed manual-winding mechanical movement of the watch provides an impressive 5-day power reserve. The timepiece’s lustrous, space-age stylings are kept sleek and clean with hidden quick release buttons on the case’s underside enabling effortless strap swaps, as well as a D-ring shaped crown out back for winding the watch.

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Kross Studio Kyber Crystal Container

Further accentuating the watch with Star Wars iconography, look out for the ever-recognisable Galactic Empire emblem and Aurebesh script – a frequently featured alphabet in the Star Wars canon, now engraved on the timepiece’s push-button. An Imperial-Class Star Destroyer and Super-Class Star Destroyer make up the hour and minute hands respectively. 

Apart from the timepiece and three accompanying strap sets (one of which is made of calfskin leather), you’re also getting an official reproduction of armoured crates used to transfer kyber crystals, scaled to half of the film’s original dimensions. Each 1.2m long container, fully assembled and painted by hand from 700 individual parts, is similarly emblazoned with Galactic Empire liveries for maximum Star Wars appreciation.

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Finally, you’re getting a genuine prop kyber crystal as featured in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – though it isn’t actually a living crystal capable of communicating with Force-sensitive individuals. Instead, you can be content with owning a part of the timeless sci-fi juggernaut.

Though Star Wars Day is slightly over a month away (May the Fourth be with you, if you’re wondering), it’s never too early to get that special someone some Star Wars memorabilia – especially when there’re only going to ever be ten of these made.

More info at the Kross Studio website.