Actress and Atelier Jolie founder Angelina Chloe with the creative team of Chloe.

Photo: Chloe

It is not uncommon for A-listers to start their own fashion brands — think the Olsen twins or Victoria Beckham. Even so, actress Angelina Jolie’s new label stands out with its unusual concept, albeit one that is totally in line with her widely publicised humanitarian values. Announcing the launch of Atelier Jolie on Instagram in May, Jolie wrote, “Atelier Jolie is a place for creative people to collaborate with a skilled and diverse family of expert tailors, pattern makers and artisans from around the world.”

While it was not immediately clear what this brand would actually look like then, Atelier Jolie’s first collaborative project now demonstrates its aesthetic along with its ethos. Its debut partnership is with Chloe, a Richemont-owned, sustainability-focused brand that Jolie formerly noted is “one of the first luxury brands to be a B Corp”. (B Corporations are businesses that have been certified to meet certain standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.)

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Featuring fluid dresses, relaxed tailoring, elevated essentials, and accessories including shoes and bags, the Chloe x Atelier Jolie collection is evening wear-focused and timeless. And it stands out with its green credentials. The Chloe x Atelier Jolie range comprises at least 80 per cent lower-impact materials — impressive, and a percentage that is even higher than previous collections by Chloe. These materials include organic silk, organic crepe de chine and certified wool.

Former Chloe creative director Gabriela Hearst and Atelier Jolie founder Angelina Jolie look at design sketches.
Former Chloe creative director Gabriela Hearst and Atelier Jolie founder Angelina Jolie. (Photo: Chloe)

Through Chloe’s responsible-sourcing framework, the collection features partnerships with various social organisations. These include Akanjo, a social enterprise based in Madagascar that focuses on training and promoting craftsmanship. Another partner, La Fabrique Nomade, is a Paris-based programme that promotes professional inclusion for refugee and migrant artisans in France.

A model wears a gold-coloured dress from the Chloe x Angelina Jolie collection.
Photo: Chloe

Jolie’s influence in this collection extends beyond her humanitarian work, of course: Several pieces are inspired by special pieces of clothing that the actress has owned for decades. A black velvet cape is one such quietly glamorous example. Another personal item that served as inspiration for the collection is a white embroidered cotton dress Jolie wore as a child, and continues wearing today as a top.

A black velvet opera cape from the Chloe x Atelier Jolie collection.
Photo: Chloe

With ensembles such as a three-piece black suit made of deadstock wool gabardine, and a fluid white dress made from deadstock micro silk sable, the designs reflect the feminine strength of not just Jolie but also Gabriela Hearst — the brand’s well-regarded and recently departed creative director who worked on this collection with Jolie. And, one imagines, that of its future wearers.

The Chloe x Atelier Jolie collection arrives in Chloe stores next January. Prices will range from US$850 (S$1,152) to US$5,000.