Balenciaga creative director, Demna Gvasalia is no stranger to surprising the fashion world with designs each more original and offbeat than the next — and with no shortage of audacity — reaching out to an ever wider (and ever younger) audience. The latest in line is a pair of hybrid pants — part jeans, part cargo shorts — that is sure to cause a stir.

As the world’s fourth-hottest fashion brand (According to The Lyst Index for Q1 2021 from the global search platform Lyst) after Gucci, Nike and Dior, the house of Balenciaga has managed to win the hearts of Gen Zers — a far from easy task — who can’t get enough of its classic T-shirts, as well as its most daring creations. Since his arrival at the fashion house’s creative helm, Demna Gvasalia has regularly broken the codes with deconstruction and anti-fashion references, constantly questioning our relationship with fashion and society, not to mention blurring the boundaries between genders and cultures, or turning everyday consumer objects into veritable luxury accessories.

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In other words, the Georgian designer is always pushing at limits, testing boundaries. This can be seen in his latest successful collaboration with Gucci, “The Hacker Project,” which plays with the concept of the counterfeit. It’s an innovative approach that has helped the fashion house to stand out from the crowd. And it appears to work, since the public — especially younger fans — keep coming back for more, season after season.


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Turning the hybrid into a fashion signature

Demna Gvasalia is clearly a master in the art of hybridization, serving up ultra-daring pieces for Balenciaga that are inevitably snapped up like hotcakes. His two latest creations are made with men in mind, with two pairs of hybrid pants that you won’t see anywhere else. The first, dubbed “Hybrid Cargo Pants,” is essentially a pair of blue Japanese denim jeans — the kind guys might wear on a daily basis — overlaid with military-inspired cargo shorts with multiple pockets. The second pair, the “Hybrid Shirt Pants,” is a pair of dark blue denim jeans with a tartan cotton poplin shirt tied behind.

Surprising? Well, not if you’re down with Balenciaga style, although wearing these two creations could require some serious self-confidence. Selling for €975 (approx. $1,188) and €1,150 (approx. $1,400) respectively, these two pairs of pants will inevitably see the same fate as all the brand’s creations, scoring a surefire sellout. This is precisely what happened with the designer’s now famous hybrid pants-shoes, or “Pantashoes,” currently sold out despite being priced at €2,250 (approx. $2,740).

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