These days, many of the people who wear tool watches meant to withstand cockpit pressure changes, body-crushing ocean depths and a trip to the moon don’t usually experience anything more than office air-conditioning and a dive in a pool. It’s not a criticism of their function, but an appreciation of the versatility.

Panerai’s Submersible line is one of the toughest and most recognisable around. While many in the collection are suitably brawny, there are red gold models that look better with suits that aren’t wet.

Then, last year, Panerai released a model that manages to be both masculine and glamorous. The Submersible Goldtech Orocarbo 44mm PAM01070 is unique in the family for being the only one so far to use both Goldtech and Carbotech. Goldtech is Panerai’s recipe for a more warmly hued gold, with a small infusion of platinum to keep the material from oxidising. Carbotech is a composite material based on carbon fibre that gives this lightweight material a wavy, wood grain-like appearance. Anchored by a satiny black dial, the PAM01070 is an unusual, but appealing, oddball.


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