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Bulgari is the latest luxury brand to focus on e-commerce with Covid-19 store closures in Singapore

Fresh arrivals to check out include the new Bulgari Bulgari jewellery pieces.

Not too long ago, many luxury brands hesitated to enter the e-commerce space. The reasons were plentiful, and not groundless: For instance, how would a brand be able to translate the kind of white-glove service and carefully curated atmosphere at a boutique into an online-based experience? But with boutiques ⁠— luxury and otherwise ⁠— everywhere forced to temporarily shut their doors because of the ongoing global pandemic, many retailers have turned, with renewed focus, to their e-commerce channels.



Here in Singapore, Bulgari recently launched a new payment method, CosmoPay, on its website. It allows a shopper to complete a transaction via a secure personalised link through an instant message sent by one of the brand’s client advisors. Delivery is free.

  • Bulgari Bulgari diamond ring

All the better with which to check out new arrivals such as the latest additions to the Bulgari Bulgari collection (above). Playful, easy to wear, and iconic, the round discs with the double Bulgari inscription have been updated with an openwork design (essentially, the centre has been cut out) and a chunky branded plate. The design has been translated onto a series of pieces including rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

Diamonds elevate some of the styles in white or rose gold, although we particularly enjoy how Bulgari ⁠— long known for its way with gemstones ⁠— has given several of these new pieces their own distinct feel with the use of stones such as green malachite, mother-of-pearl and red coral. Perfect as a little pick-me-up right now.