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Cartier introduces its new Double C de Cartier bags

It's the brand's most streamlined bag design to date.

Cartier may be best known as a jeweller and watchmaker, but at the rate at which the house is releasing new leather goods, it might well soon become synonymous with bags as well.

Following the launch of the jewellery box-inspired Guirlande de Cartier and the updated Must de Cartier collections in recent years, the French luxury brand now introduces the Double C de Cartier.

Double C de Cartier bags

Aside from a very right-now, streamlined form, the new collection is defined by its lacquered double-C clasp — a reference to the wax seal that was once used to seal the house’s gift packages. Marin Yuson, Cartier’s director of leather and leather accessory creation, notes, “For the first time, the logo is both aesthetic and functional.”

Designed to be carried either over the shoulder or as a cross-body, thanks to its adjustable shoulder strap, the Double C de Cartier comes in two sizes (Nano and Mini) and four colours: black, fuchsia, cherry red and powder pink (all calfskin).

Double C de Cartier bags

The Double C de Cartier collection will be available at Cartier boutiques from March.