Cartier Nature Inspired Collection

Shopping for jewellery is an intimate experience—it’s all about how it makes you feel when you try it on. Do you feel beautiful? How about powerful? Or maybe it makes you feel more connected to someone or something dear to your heart. Take for example Cartier‘s new high jewellery collection titled [Sur]Naturel. Inspired by water, flora and fauna as part of the supernatural, it’s a dialogue between the figuration and abstraction of nature.

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The idea behind the mesmerising collection is to invoke the precious stones’ evocative powers by infusing wilderness with fantasy. The collection features diamonds, emeralds and sapphires which are teamed with opal and kunzite, coral, aquamarine and beryl and quartz. So if you’re someone who desires a bijoux piece that connects you with nature, spiritually and physically, consider this collection made with Cartier‘s renowned savoir faire.

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Click through the gallery below for some of our favourite pieces:

This article was originally published in Harper’s Bazaar Singapore

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