From vermilion to burgundy, red hues are traffic-stopping even in small doses
04 Fashion Spread Nov15.indd
(Clockwise L-R)
01 Wool gloves, from Armani Collezioni
02 Leather boots, from Hermes
03 Leather pen holder and pen, from Hermes
04 Leather note holder, from Hermes
05 Silk tie, from Dunhill
06 Leather card case, from Dior
07 Silk bow tie, from Louis Vuitton
08 Silk pocket square, from Ermenegildo Zegna
04 Fashion Spread Nov15.indd
(Clockwise L-R)
09 Acetate sunglasses, from Ermenegildo Zegna
10 Suede shoes, from Giorgio Armani
11 Leather bag, from Dunhill
12 Leather wallet, from Ermenegildo Zegna


Complete slate-coloured suits with accessories in varying shades of ash
04 Fashion Spread Nov15.indd
(Clockwise L-R)
01 Suede shoes, from Giorgio Armani
02 Leather clutch, from Dunhill
03 Leather bag, from Tod’s
04 Silk tie, from Giorgio Armani
05 Wool hat, from Armani Collezioni
06 Suede-mix sneakers, from Z Zegna
04 Fashion Spread Nov15.indd
(Clockwise L-R)
07 Leather wallet, from Salvatore Ferragamo
08 Cashmere scarf, from Brunello Cucinelli
09 Polyester cap, from Giorgio Armani
10 Leather laptop sleeve, from Louis Vuitton


From brilliant cobalt to inky midnight blue, the colour of the sea electrifies ensembles without overwhelming them
04 Fashion Spread Nov15.indd
(Clockwise L-R)
01 Wool hat, from Emporio Armani
02 Suede boots, from Armani Collezioni
03 Silk tie, from Salvatore Ferragamo
04 Metal sunglasses, from Shanghai Tang
05 Leather phone case, from Tumi
06 Palladiumplated brass cufflinks, from Dunhill
07 Silk bow tie, from Dunhill
08 Wool scarf, from Emporio Armani
04 Fashion Spread Nov15.indd
(Clockwise L-R)
09 Leather belt, from Armani Collezioni
10 Leather bag, from Boss
11 Leather card holder, from Dunhill
12 Suede shoes, from Tod’s
13 Silk pocket square, from Salvatore Ferragamo


A perennial classic, black is the ultimate proof that less can be more
04 Fashion Spread Nov15.indd
(Clockwise L-R)
01 Silk tie, from Armani Collezioni
02 Leather keychain, from Dunhill
03 Leather shoes, from Dior Homme
04 Leather bag, from Z Zegna
05 Leather wallet, from Emporio Armani
06 Enamel cufflinks, from Shanghai Tang
07 Leather wallet, from Tumi
04 Fashion Spread Nov15.indd
(Clockwise L-R)
08 Ermenegildo Zegna Couture acetate and metal sunglasses, from Ermenegildo Zegna
09 Leather shoes, from Louis Vuitton
10 Leather belt, from Giorgio Armani
11 Leather clutch, from Armani Collezioni
12 Leather gloves, from Emporio Armani