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Dunhill’s Spring/Summer 2021 subverts tailoring codes in an extraordinary way

Plus, other fashion news for this month.

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    Inside out

    Subverting tailoring codes has become de rigueur for menswear brands these days, but Dunhill’s Spring/Summer 2021 take is extraordinary. Merging the individualistic New Romantic style of the 1980s with relaxed tailoring, the brand brings to the fore typically hidden materials and techniques. Traditional reinforcing fabrics such as chest canvas, shoulder canvas and Linen Holland (dull-finish linen used by tailors to reinforce seams) are used to construct relaxed, evening or half-wrap jackets. Elsewhere, pad stitching, usually used in internal layers, decorates collars and lapels, are revealed because these hard- working, hidden details deserve their time in the sun.


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