[dropcap size=small]F[/dropcap]ans of tennis greats such as Pete Sampras, John McEnroe and, more recently, Novak Djokovic, will find Italian tenniswear and sports apparel brand Sergio Tacchini familiar – albeit strangely absent for the last half-decade. Even F1’s legendary Ayrton Senna donned the gear at a point.

Eponymously named for the former Italian tennis Champion, the former leader in sportswear design has re-emerged with a slew of collaborations and new designs that are, quite frankly, refreshing and up-to-date, with none of the tacky colour schemes that plague its contemporaries. To that end, the brand has enlisted designers in the respective countries to dream up trend-based designs, in place of the traditional model of having a central office dictate.

A grounded and tasteful aesthetic accounts for most of the brand’s renewed lineup.

The Peak tried three pieces on for size, and found the quality well worth the price tags. Special mention goes to the make of the sneakers, which held together at all seams and retained its shape after a month of active, daily wear. The tops are positively luxuriant relative to the coarser nature of common materials such as Nike’s Dri-fit, but no less breathable.

The Sergio Tacchini Shoe Lineup

After a change in ownership which brought fresh eyes and concepts on board, the rejuvenated brand has found tie-ups in privileged circles outside of tennis.


It’s also commemorating its 50th Anniversary this year – you know a brand takes style seriously when the shirts are packed in a pull-out wine box.

polo-youngline-50 years anniversary
We were impressed with the packaging of their 50th anniversary commemorative polo tee.

Until more Sergio Tacchini boutiques spring up (there’s one at Jurong Point 2, #01-12), the brand will be carried at OG outlets islandwide – while retaining some elements of the original, tennis-themed stores.