[dropcap size=small]C[/dropcap]hart-topping singer-songwriter Joel Tan made history in 2015 as the first Singaporean artist to sign with Universal Music Singapore. The 22-year-old artist – whose alternative, bittersweet music has won him numerous accolades and a legion of fans – is one of the poster childs for homegrown talent being groomed for the international stage.


It’s only fitting, then, that local leathercraft masters from Bynd Artisan offered their support by collaborating with Tan for a four-piece capsule collection – what they term ‘the basics’.

The Peak quizzes Tan himself on the collection.

1) What explains your personal preference for black and grey in the collection? Were these colours always your personal favourites? What about white, which is a colour you frequently don as well?

I’m not the fanciest person when it comes to my personal wear. I tend to prefer and own clothing of dark colours and minimalistic designs as simplicity and versatility is important to me. I am now trying to brighten up my wardrobe though!

2) Were you tempted or required at any point to come up with a logo that was more visually driven (than the current)? If you absolutely had to come up with one, what would it likely be?

I guess it is the way one perceives it. A single alphabet with two geometric shapes of differing sizes and what it all represents, in my opinion draws more similarities to a symbol.

3) According to you, the grey (in the collection) represents the “in-betweeners”. Could you elaborate? What are examples of being caught in between two generations?

Everything is intertwined, being the in-betweeners meant that we were given an early opportunity (with a better economy and the birth of the internet) to pioneer an entirely new economy (related to) Arts and Business.

We might not have the best resources around us as our industries are still growing, and it is up to us to determine the opportunites the next generation of artists/entrepreneurs will receive. We are the ones setting the example.

4) Did Bynd Artisan have to convince you (to enter a partnership), or was it an easy choice?

It was a natural progression and everything came together perfectly. Bynd Artisan and Winnie are an incredible team and it was impossible to say no.

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