When Gentle Monster releases a new collection, eyewear buffs everywhere look. With an army of famous fans that includes not just celebrities from its home ground of South Korea, but also international stars ranging from Billie Eilish to Hailey Bieber, the eyewear brand continues to be the go-to name for some of the edgiest sunglasses anywhere. It recently unveiled its Spring/Summer 2020 collection with a campaign called My Mars, which was created by Matthew Stone, a London-based artist who mixes traditional painting with digital manipulation. The sunglasses in this collection are as offbeat and otherworldly as the campaign’s name suggests. Here are three trends that stand out most within the drop:


1) Thick rims, but not in Clark Kent black

The thick black rims favoured by DC Comics’ most famous nerd never go out of style. But if your personal aesthetic is more flashy superhero (“Look at my red and blue skintight separates!”) than subdued reporter, try amped-up versions of the classic style. Solid acetate frames in neon green, or transparent acetate sunnies in a retro orange, for instance, make sure you’ll never blend into the crowd.

“Cracker” sunglasses.


2) Read between the eyes

Why should rims or temples have all the fun? Sunnies with decorative bridges maximise eyewear real estate, making sure the wearer does not miss a single chance to make a statement. This season, the brand makes the most of the middle ground by putting a loop between lenses (as seen in the “Makina” model right at the top of this page), or accentuating two circular lenses with an arc (the “Circle T” model below).

“Circle T” sunglasses.


3) Go big or go home

Tiny shades have been popular with the biggest style stars for quite a while; unsurprisingly, we have Gentle Monster to thank for that as well. While undersized, angular options are still very much a part of the brand’s offerings, we think it’s time to increase the surface area of what stands between your eyes and the sun ⁠— not least because the days are getting longer once again.

“Modmo” rimless sunglasses.