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Golf Goods: This Week’s List

Golf Goods To Enhance Your Game



Japanese golf company Honma has launched South-east Asia’s first “performance fitting” studio to match players with the clubs of their dreams. A golf simulator will analyse their shot, examining details such as the ball’s speed and distance, launch angle, spin rate and axis, smash factor and club head path. Further analysis will be carried out to determine the most appropriate model. Even before stepping onto the green, customers can test the suitability of the equipment on the simulator, which features prominent golf courses from around the world.


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2. A Pair For The Green

With a polished patina and brogue-style details, including a removable fringe cover, Berluti’s Swing looks like a classy pair of oxfords. Yet, the shoes are specially designed for golfing. These babies are made with kangaroo leather instead of cowhide as the former is lighter and more supple, and features shock-absorbent foam-lined insoles and removable spikes. The shoes may be made for the green, but you can be sure it is equally at home on city streets.


04 The Brief - Golf.indd


Golfers finally have a dedicated smartwatch to aid their game. The Garmin Approach S6 comes with GPS technology and detailed maps of over 30,000 courses, helping to determine the direction of a shot so as to avoid, say, those pesky sand traps and water hazards. The watch also has motion sensors and accelerometers to measure the speed and power of your swing. Time to get a little practice in.

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