Visually, the timepiece on this page may look pretty nifty (despite being shown here in its undecorated state) but, in a realm of wonderful watchmaking creations, this tourbillon watch isn’t terribly unique.

But make no mistake: For connoisseurs of fine watchmaking, this could be the most important ticker in recent history. And its full significance will only get clearer as time goes by.

Called “Garde Temps – Naissance d’une Montre”, or “Guarding Time – The Birth of the Watch”, it is the result of a patronage project spearheaded by three great names in the industry – Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey of their namesake brand Greubel Forsey, and the legendary Philippe Dufour.

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Made fully by hand, down to the tiniest details like the cutting of the screws to the polishing of the rachet wheels, the watch is a modern-day textbook of artisanal watchmaking in the pre-industrial era.

And it’s created by one hand-picked man, a promising teacher named Michel Boulanger from the Paris Watchmaking School. He will, in the future, pass on the skills learnt from his three-year tutelage to students.

Through this noble undertaking, the founders hope to arrest the loss of traditional industry know-how due to the widespread use of computer-controlled milling machines.

This first watch, which is in a late stage of production, is slated to be auctioned some time in 2016, but the rest of the 11-piece run are for sale in the region of $600,000 each, with part of the proceeds going towards a fund for skills preservation. A fine investment for the future, for sure.