Since its launch last December, the Guirlande de Cartier collection of leather bags has grown pretty quickly. Until now, there were three different sizes available: mini, small and medium. Most of the models are made from calfskin in colours such as red, green or black, with a couple of extra-luxe versions in exotic skins. Inspired by the design of Cartier’s familiar jewellery boxes, the structured bags of the Guirlande de Cartier range are distinguished by features such as the eight facets cut into their facades, and the golden frieze adorning their edges.

Now, Cartier expands the series with its smallest version of this handbag yet: The Nano model of the Guirlande de Cartier will be launched online and in-store on Dec 13 in red, green or black calfskin, but Singapore-based fans can get hold of the red — the most Cartier-ish colour of them all — version before (almost) everybody else. It is available from today (Nov 22) as a local online-only exclusive.

While the “Nano” moniker might suggest that its size is similar to those of the frankly ludicrous micro-bags that have been trending of late (and which probably can hold at most a melon seed or three), we are glad to report that the bag’s dimensions of 12cm (height) by 19.5cm (length) by 4.7cm (depth) put it more in line with the size of a wallet on chain. Cute, and useful. Sign us up.

The Guirlande de Cartier in Nano model retails for S$1,690 on

The Guirlande de Cartier, Nano model, in red calfskin.