Nana Ahmad Watch Collector


“When I started working, I was into Swatch watches because of their vibrant colours. Over four years, I probably bought more than 50. But at a certain point, I stopped collecting. It was only in 2016 that I started getting into watches again, beginning with JDM (Japanese domestic market) Seiko models. I had all the key models – the Tuna, the Turtle, the Cocktail Time, you name it.”


“My husband and I got married in 2000. He passed away this March from a heart attack. It was unexpected because he was healthy and often went to the gym. I gave him an Omega Seamaster (pictured) as a wedding gift, and he got me an Omega Constellation. We loved watches and used to share them. He was a teacher who liked helping challenging students and was always very positive. Losing him was very tough, but I remember what he told me: ‘You have to take care of yourself and be happy.’ I have to do it for our sons, who are 19 and 16.”



“I joined the Singapore Watch Appreciation Group (SWAG) in 2018 with my good friend Elaine. We’re both admins and moderators of the group. The SWAG members have been very supportive and they’re like a big family to me. They’re also ‘poisonous’ (laughs) – they got me interested in brands like Tudor and, more recently, Cartier. I also support local and micro brands like Feynman and Gorilla. Before Covid-19, whenever one of us went to collect a new watch, a bunch of us would tag along. It’s like a celebration.”


“In 2014, I received an award from my company for being the Sales Professional of the Year. At that time, the benchmark for the award watch was a Rolex Oyster Perpetual. So, if you wanted a more expensive watch, you just had to top up the value. On the advice of a few colleagues, I decided to get the two-tone Submariner ‘Bluesy’ (pictured) instead. It can look a bit much on some guys, but when I put it on, my colleagues and I agree that it truly suits me.”


“I got my Audemars Piguet Royal Oak (pictured) in September. After my husband’s passing, I realised that life is short and you never know what’s going to happen. So, I decided to invest in something nice. I don’t usually sell my watches, but I know that if I ever wanted to sell this one, it would hold its value. It is both an investment and a reward to myself for holding the fort at home.”


Photography Phyllicia Wang

Art Direction Fazlie Hashim



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