Hublot 40 years exhibition Samuel Ross

Much is said these days about the fine watch brands that, in the ’70s, dared to make luxury steel watches and finish them to standards usually reserved for timepieces in precious metals, with the prices to match. In 1980, however, a then new brand called Hublot put a surprising twist on metal in a different way altogether: For the first time in watchmaking, the Classic Original model combined a precious metal — in this case, gold — with a modern material — rubber.

Hublot Classic Original 1980
Hublot arrived on the fine watchmaking scene in 1980 with the Classic Original.


Since then, of course, Hublot has become synonymous with certain in-your-face qualities that one either loves or loathes (consider us in the former camp): Large, bold designs, such as the 11-barrel, 50-day power reserve, Ferrari engine bay-shaped MP-05, or the shiny, sculptural cases of the Classic Fusion models by French sculptor Richard Orlinski.

And then, there is its knack for creating, using and mixing innovative materials, including ceramic (it’s been using high-tech ceramics for 15 years), sapphire crystal in a rainbow of colours, and metal alloys such as King Gold, whose vibrant reddish hue is even more unmistakeable when used on unmissable pieces such as the 45mm Big Bang models.

To mark its 40th birthday this year, the brand is inviting its fans into its manufacture to view a phygital exhibition designed by Samuel Ross. Incidentally, the British fashion designer, industrial designer and new Hublot ambassador also recently helped to create a fresh, minimalist look for the watch brand’s boutiques.

Mosey over to to view the presentation, which was recorded at the Hublot manufacture in Nyon, Switzerland. Move (or mouse) around the room and click on various elements, from watches to Ferrari car models to posters of Hublot ambassadors, to view content relating to its products and partnerships. We can’t wait to see what other classic and crazy fusions the brand comes up with next.