[dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap]t’s a shame to have to stick to one watch on your travels if you’re a jetsetting collector, but the impracticality and risk of transporting them often wins out over vanity. That’s set to change with Bamford London’s latest gizmo – a durable, sleek and well-crafted watch roll clad in carbon fibre that can house up to four large wristwatches, even the 44/45mm ones.

No more fumbling with individual boxes – a twist-to-unlock mechanism frees the slideable drawer, which glides smoothly on Japanese ceramic rails. The watches are suspended in the tube when stowed, so you can rest easy knowing there’s no chance of a scratch marring your precious links. Just to be sure, the tube is internally lined with cushioning neoprene – the same hardy stuff that scuba wetsuits are made of. www.bamfordlondon.com