Rituel necklace is inspired by Mesoamerican


Unlike many other high jewellery collections that align themselves around a singular theme for better coherence, whether it’s a famous garden, couture show or historical period, Cartier didn’t restrict itself for its latest glittering showcase.

The Beautés du Monde collection, which translates to “beauties of the world”, is a stunning celebration of everything the maison believes to be beautiful. By focusing on what it does best, Cartier expresses geometry, movement and colour contrast through punchy designs and beautiful stones.

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The collection

With its double row of chalcedony beads flanking faceted rubies, the Rituel necklace is a tribute to traditional Mesoamerican jewellery. It incorporates invisibly set diamond cones and black onyx accents that complement the stones’ soft colours.

Embracing nature’s endless artistry, pieces like the supple emerald-focused Iwana necklace are designed to mimic an iguana’s scales. Meanwhile, the emerald-and coral-studded Recif takes its cues from marine ecosystems.

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Inspired by geometry and nature

Rituel necklace is inspired by Mesoamerican
The Rituel necklace (above) is inspired by Mesoamerican

As part of the Beautés du Monde, there is also a capsule collection of seven rings. These follow the unusual shapes and lines of the items that inspired them. For instance, the Tilasm ring is an explosion of diamonds and pink sapphires that emulate the wonderful Whirlpool Galaxy. Meanwhile, the Scilla ring takes a noticeably whimsical stand with a five-carat, light brown cushion-shaped diamond resting on the back of its diamond-studded dragon.

In addition to the high-jewellery pieces, Beautés du Monde offers three sets that contrast the luminosity of white diamonds with the vibrancy of rubellites and onyx. Each takes inspiration from zebra stripes, butterflies and palm trees respectively. Cartier reinterprets these in the modern, evocative way that we know and love from Cartier.

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