Space Jam is a cult comedy classic that, despite being panned by critics, earned its place in the annals of cinema history thanks to its noteworthy blend of live-action and animation. Yes, for anyone who doesn’t remember, the film starred basketball superstar Michael Jordan, alongside an ensemble cast of Looney Tunes characters – before our current era of CGI-filled blockbusters and seamless digital editing.

A full quarter of a century later, the same cast (Bugs Bunny included) returns for a standalone sequel, titled Space Jam: A New Legacy (which releases on July 15 here). And if reading that doesn’t give you some nostalgia-tinged tingles up and down your spine, what can?

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Hopefully, a limited-edition collector’s item celebrating the sequel by fine Swiss horologists Kross Studio in collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products – that also happens to cost you a pretty penny. Around US$100,000 (S$135,000) to be precise.

The collector’s kit comes with two main bits of kit – a Space Jam-inspired watch, as well as a wood-and-aluminum-crafted basketball to display said watch. Both are designed as an intersection of four worlds. Looney Tunes and basketball, an already unlikely pair, now meet the realm of art and horology. And it is glorious. 

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We’ll begin with the timepiece. It’s crafted from 281 handmade components to evoke, throughout its design, the verve of basketball and those who play it. That includes a see-through, skeletonised design that reveals the inner workings of the watch, including wheels fashioned after basketballs; as well as a central tourbillion cage (also fashioned to resemble a basketball’s distinct rubber patterns) shielding a regulator. At the center of the mechanical hand-wound movement rests an oversized barrel that delivers a five-day power reserve when fully-wound.

On the exterior, you’ve got an hour hand that’s simultaneously a free throw lane filled with white-blue glow-in-the-dark Superluminova as an ode to court design, all surrounded by a revolving peripheral display mechanism (swathed in orange – no prizes for guessing what that’s meant to evoke).

Naturally, the Looney Tunes cast stages a comeback – classic characters like Bugs Bunny, Marvin the Martian and Yosemite Sam, along with the rest of the squad, are immortalized as engravings on the fixed hour wheel.  

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The timepiece comes with two strap variations: deep blue calfskin leather for looking swanky, and laser abraded rubber a la basketball. It comes packed in a 45mm titanium case, complete with sapphire crystal viewing dome, but you’d probably want to display it in something a little grander.

We’re referring, of course, to Kross Studio’s fancy wood and aluminum display case that’s part design piece, part storage unit. Again, the Looney Tunes basketball crew returns etched on the sculpture’s wooden stand; the sculpture’s upper basketball-esque half can be lifted to store your watch within. 

Other fixings include a certificate of authenticity (remember, there will only ever be 10 of these beauties), an owner’s book and a bespoke wooden crate to pack it all in.

This isn’t the first time Kross Studio has worked in tandem with Warner Bros. – their last group effort produced the Swiss watchmakers’ first limited-ed geeky clock dedicated to the Dark Knight, specifically Tim Burton’s 1989 take of the Caped Crusader.

For more, head to the  Kross Studio website.