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Leather shoe care: 5 essential accessories to own

Everything you need to give your leather shoes the TLC they deserve.

It’s sort of a Marie Kondo moment: you could send your shoes to be professionally cleaned and polished, but there’s an understated satisfaction about giving some loving attention to your treasured belongings. Other than soft cloth rags, water, and a bit of elbow grease, these are the products that will make shoe cleaning a joy, and give the results that any bespoke, or well-crafted pair of leather shoes deserves.

  • Horse Hair brush

    Get a brush that's specifically made for shoe care. Synthetic fibres might sometimes be too hard, which might scuff the leather. Horse hair brushes can also help raise the fibres of the shoe to create a better surface for polishing. This beautifully brush from UK-based horn artisans Abbeyhorn is made with oxhorn-backed beechwood with soft, light horsehair bristles. All materials sourced ethically — the horn is a "waste" product of the meat industry — and are largely biodegradable or recyclable. To start your shoe care routine, remove the laces and use the brush to remove dirt, dust and any other foreign bits and bobs that are stuck to the shoe.

    Available in Singapore from

Acquired the proper tools but don’t know where to go from there? Local shoe shine bar Mason and Smith — who won the World Shoe Shine Championship 2018  at the London Super Trunk Show — will  organises shoe shine workshops that cover all the basics and beyond of shoe and leather care.



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