Les Mains Hermes Orange Boite

When it comes to our beauty regimens, most of us probably focus on our faces. But as many beauty fans would also know, there are other body parts that can rapidly show signs of ageing if left to their own devices — chief among them our hands. Besides, with protective masks looking like they are going to be around for a while and lipstick off the table for many, why not let your fingernails do the talking for now?

Hermes has just the thing for those looking to devote a bit of time to their digits. Last year, the French luxury house debuted its beauty category with the Rouge Hermes lipstick range. This was followed by the blushes and subtle lip colours of the Rose Hermes collection. Now, it presents Les Mains Hermes (mains is French for hands), a collection of hand and nail care products. The collection includes a hand cream with white mulberry extract, a nourishing oil for nails and cuticles, a protective base coat, nail enamels in 24 shades, a top coat, and a set of nail files.

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The packaging of the nail products are reminscent of that of the house’s earlier beauty products: The bottom of the caps of the bottles, for instance, features the brushed gold finish also found on Hermes lipstick tubes and blush pots. The nail colours are drawn from the brand’s universe, and include pinks, reds, taupes, greens, and of course, the zesty Orange Boite of the brand’s signature boxes. Yes, matchy-matchy people, that means you can now exactly coordinate your nail and Hermes bag shades.

While we appreciate our hands as much as the next person, we leave it to Hermes, as always, to put a poetic spin on these esteemed extremities. In the press notes, the brand’s director of cultural heritage, Menehould de Bazelaire, highlights the importance of the hand at a house synonymous with artisanal excellence: “The hand is the house’s foremost and most favoured tool. Generous, joyful, open to the world, it is part of a lexicon of attitudes. We speak of a leather’s ‘good hand’ to evoke its roundness in the hand, or the squeak of a roll of hide when it is crumpled. The Hermes hand is intuitive, expert and eloquent.” And with the launch of its latest beauty range, the Hermes hand is also rather attractive, we’d say.

Les Mains Hermes will be available from Oct 15. Prices range from $58 for a set of 12 nail files to $185 for a Complete Hand Care cream. Each bottle of nail enamel retails for $74.