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Louis Vuitton teams up with Jeff Koons to launch new Masters Collection

Singapore is one of four cities hosting the Masters #LVxKoons experience, showcasing contemporary artist Jeff Koons' collaboration with Louis Vuitton.

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    Masters, a Louis Vuitton collaboration with Jeff Koons: Da Vinci

Louis Vuitton teams up with contemporary artist Jeff Koons to present the latest in wearable works of art. The stunning new Masters Collection features Koons’ recreations of iconic works by master painters such as Da Vinci and Van Gogh, transposed onto high-quality canvas and realised in the house’s iconic bags like the Neverfull.

These imageries were first created in Koons’ ‘Gazing Ball’ paintings that invite the audience to connect on a deeper level with works like Ruben’s The Tiger Hunt.

Jeff Koons' Gazing Ball Paintings

Jeff Koons’ Gazing Ball Paintings (Photo by Elizabeth)

Jeff Koons reworked the masterpieces by adding a gazing ball that seemingly sprouts from the painting (it is actually placed atop an ingeniously engineered shelf). The reinterpreted artworks encourage introspection and active dialogue instead of passive admiration. “In designing the bags and having the names of the artists [… ] being in the reflective type is actually in a way performing like the gazing ball would within the ‘Gazing Ball’ paintings,” says the New-York based artist, who adds, “I believethat these bags are art.” 

Well, shoppers here certainly think so, as the bags are already sold out at Singapore Louis Vuitton boutiques. (But fear not, just indicate your interest for the incoming batches of bags and accessories.)

Louis Vuitton Jeff Koons Masters Collection

From the Louis Vuitton and Jeff Koons Masters Collection: Van Gogh

The signature Louis Vuitton monogram is incorporated into the design, and the artist’s initials is similarly reflected. Another of Koons’ instantly recognisable works – the Inflatable Bunny – is also a recurrent motif throughout the collection, conveying its truly collaborative nature. 

And we haven’t seen the last of this seamless partnership, as this is merely the first phase of the #LVxKoons collaboration. We say, keep ’em coming, Mr Koons.

Pieces from the collection are now available for viewing at the Louis Vuitton Island Maison, complete with a gallery tunnel showcase.