Usually, it’s a nightmare if the dyes on your clothing run. Trust Louis Vuitton men’s artistic director Virgil Abloh to take that dreaded scenario, run with it and come up with a collection of covetably colourful styles for the mid-year season. Channelling beaches and light, the Summer 2021 capsule collection features a Monogram, in indigo or multicoloured pastel hues, that looks like it was done in watercolour, onto which drops of water have fallen.

It’s a playful and artsy print that enlivens garments ranging from summery shirts and shorts to windbreakers, blazers and lightweight leather blousons. And because the world continues to grapple with the boundaries between home/office/inside/outside, there are dressy indigo pyjamas in the mix as well.

Naturally, there are accessories aplenty. Take your pick: The Watercolour Monogram finds its way onto backpacks, tote bags, masks, and bandanas. In addition, the capsule collection includes enamelled rings, bracelets, belts, hats and shoes. It sounds like a whole lot more than just a capsule, but we sure aren’t complaining.