Yuri & Yuri

Now more than ever, with the boundaries between work and personal time blurring, it can become increasingly difficult to relax when it’s time to rest. Experts believe that it helps to dress up, so you’re psychologically preparing yourself for a productive workday – and the reverse is just as important. Once the day is over, putting on loungewear can help you to form a mental delineation between the different aspects of your life. It’s an emphatic reminder that it’s time to kick back and take it easy.

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Yuri Choi, co-founder of spanking new menswear tailor Yuri & Yuri on Savile Row, agrees, telling The Peak, “The line between work and life for digital nomads is vague. They might have to switch between work life and daily life at any time. Dressing gowns can help to change these ambiguous boundaries.” Yuri & Yuri’s take on the garment is the lush Astley Gown lll, which is made to order and takes two weeks to finish. The brand uses a unique fabric known as Serie Fibre, which was originally patented in Japan by Mitsubishi.

Yuri and Yuri 50s and 60s
Yuri & Yuri is inspired by the silhouettes of the 50s and 60s, and making them more modern.

“We bought the remaining quantities for our South Korean workshop. We yarn-dye and weave this fibre in house, which gives it a silk-like appearance. It’s soft to touch but the knit is durable and hard-wearing. It’s also breathable, making it ideal for all seasons. The colour locks well into the fibre, resulting in fade-resistance,” she explains. The dressing gown began life as a banyan in the 18th century.

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A popular garment of choice for luminaries of the day such as Sir Isaac Newton when they posed for portraits, banyans were usually made of rich fabrics like silk damask or velvet and considered a mark of refinement. Today, we like how this piece of outerwear has a dash of James Bond-esque, old Hollywood glamour, and helps to convey that its wearer takes his me time seriously – enough to dress up for it. Says Choi, “I’ve always enjoyed opulent patterns for home wear. My aim was to create something classic and also comfortably unique.” Mission accomplished. And now, time for a rest.

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