Martin Berry cycling with Canyon Bicycle and Bell & Ross.

In the day, Martin Berry helms Launcho Ventures, a Singapore-based venture studio that builds and funds start-ups in the South-east Asia region. The former banker turned serial entrepreneur has built and sold multiple start-ups over the past decade. His most notable was Gong Cha Korea, which he founded in 2012. After the company was sold, he went on to acquire the parent company Royal Tea Taiwan in 2016 in a joint venture with a private equity firm.

His greatest passion, however, is motorsports. Berry is a seasoned racer, having competed in multiple amateur and pro-am races. He currently races on the GT3 circuit, a rigorous and highly technical racing category. While GT3 cars are based on production road models, they are highly tuned machines that are specifically engineered for the track.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, Berry has temporarily shelved his racing plans. However, he continues to train for motorsports. In the video below, the urban leader shares with us how the skills required for business transfer to racing and vice versa, and how cycling is an important component of his training regime.

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The Watch

In the video, Berry is wearing the Bell & Ross BR05 Chrono on the rubber strap and the stainless steel bracelet. The watch is designed for the urban explorer, thanks to its 42mm-sized square dial and chronograph function. The BR05 Chrono comes in black and blue options, and is priced at $8,700 for the rubber strap and $9,500 for the bracelet. Learn more about the Bell & Ross BR05 Chrono here.

The Bell & Ross BR05 Chrono Black Steel.
The Bell & Ross BR05 Chrono Black Steel.

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