MB&F's The Wall Machine

[dropcap size=small]N[/dropcap]o one really wants to be reminded of the cold passage of time, but when it comes in a form as hypnotic as artist Florian Schlumpf’s kinetic sculpture, it’s hard to ignore. The Wall Machine, now on display (and available for order) at the MB&F M.A.D.Gallery in Geneva, is essentially a wall clock in a frame, with all the fine finishes you’d expect from a Swiss timepiece.

Measuring approximately 2.1m by 2.2m, the black filigree frame houses hand-finished black and gold anodised gears, and a mirror-polished gold pendulum and hands. While the pendulum moves with a meditative rhythm, the escapement uses spring-like anchor pallets to minimise noise, so you can gaze at the passing of the seconds, minutes, hours and days of the week in peace. The only potential drawback of this horological work of art? Its hypnotic effect might make you lose track of time.

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