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Miss oldschool games? This Romain Jerome watch packs a blast from the past

Even haute horlogerie cannot escape retro video gaming’s charms.

For a brand that’s made a name crafting watches containing moon dust, volcanic rock and even parts of a DeLorean DMC-12 (the same car model used in Back to the Future), it’s unsurprising that Romain Jerome would turn to retro video games for inspiration.

  • RJ X Donkey Kong 2


    A flashback for Gen X, courtesy of Romain Jerome.

This is a watchmaker that knows how to have fun with horology. New for 2017 is the RJ X Donkey Kong, which borrows its design from the 1981 Nintendo game. The dial depicts a typical game level, with engraved pixellated effect for depth. Mario, Donkey Kong and other game elements have been brought to life in hand-painted enamel. Limited to 81 pieces.

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