Must de Cartier

Right now, what feels right in a bag are the following qualities: It should be simple, rather than flashy, but not boring. It should be easy to use (the last thing we want to think about right now is the right way to fold or carry a handbag). Lastly, it should have enough space for everything you might want to toss into it — those micro bags that were trending a while back just seem like a frivolous joke right now.

Cartier‘s latest bags fit the bill to a tee. An update of a collection that dates back to 1973, the Must de Cartier is a minimalist range with three key identifiers: Its rich burgundy hue — a signature shade of the house; a large, saddle-stitched logo with a tasteful, tone-on-tone finish; and an ardillon buckle, featuring a stylised C, on the adjustable shoulder straps.

Must de Cartier ardillon buckle
Must de Cartier ardillon buckle.

The new Must de Cartier bag range comprises three key styles in three styles to meet a range of needs. The hobo bag and the saddle bag come in three sizes, while the tote bag comes in one capacious size.

Aside from burgundy, the bags also come in even more low-key black or beige. Feel free to match them with the accompanying small leather goods, including a mini wallet, a flap wallet, a simple card holder and a business card holder. All the flair without the fuss.

Must de Cartier tote
Must de Cartier tote.