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Managed to get your Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary watch? Here’s what to wear with it.

Omega and Longines offer eyewear for watch enthusiasts who want to wear their hearts on their faces.

What would the Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Moonshine Gold limited-edition watch look like it if were a pair of sunglasses? Omega’s latest range of sunglasses includes a model that answers the question: It’s a pair of slightly squared-off aviators with brown tortoiseshell accents — and of course, gold rims in a finish reminiscent of Omega’s Moonshine gold, a newish alloy that’s paler than yellow gold and more fade-resistant over time. It’s the perfect eye accessory for those who managed to get hold of one of the 1,014 pieces of the watch available, or the next best thing if you didn’t. (Okay, maybe the next-next-next best thing.)


  • Omega aviator sunglasses inspired by the Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary in Moonshine gold.

If you’ve been following the brand, you’ll know that eyewear is not exactly a new category for Omega. The Swiss watch brand (which also sells fragrances, by the way) launched its first eyewear collection in 2016, in partnership with Italian eyewear giant Marcolin. It’s in good company — Marcolin also makes eyewear for major brands such as Tom Ford and Ermenegildo Zegna.

Comprising 11 different models, Omega’s latest collection of eyewear takes cues from its watches in a fun but tasteful way. You’ll find Seamaster-inspired wave patterns on the tips of temples, for instance, or small rectangular metal inserts that reflect the indexes of the Planet Ocean watches. One of our favourite touches is the milled eye rims on certain models, which recall the fluted bezels of Omega icons such as the Globemaster.


  • Omega's latest sunglasses collection: Can you spot the watch-inspired accents?

Omega owner Swatch Group is definitely expecting the future to be bright: Omega’s sister brand Longines has also, for the first time, launched its own eyewear collection. Created in partnership with Marcolin as well, the brand’s sunglasses will also pay tribute to its timepieces, but (for now at least) more subtly than Omega. The most obvious nod to the brand is the Longines logo-bearing inverted triangle that accents the first models that have been launched. Otherwise, it’s more about the spirit of things, with future releases classified into three categories: Classic, Heritage and Sport. These sunglasses are available at the watch brands’ respective boutiques, as well as selected retailers. And they’re probably a lot easier to get hold of than one of Omega’s limited editions.


  • A design from Longines' first eyewear collection.