Spoiler alert: we’ve been hearing good things about Robert Pattinson’s ultra-broody Batman – and not-so-good things about the flick’s nearly three-hour-long runtime. 

Still, The Batman heralds an exciting new age for everyone’s favourite caped crusader – one worth celebrating, perhaps, with a US$100,000 collector’s set, complete with limited-edition tourbillon watch and functional Bat Signal?

Kross Studio is back with another pop-culture-inspired collaboration in tandem with Warner Bros. Yes, it’s priced and structured pretty similarly to the Swiss watchmaker’s ode to Space Jam 2 circa last year. 

And yes, it’s still worth taking a second look, especially if you’re fond of horologically nerding out.

Kross Studio The Batman Collector Set
Photo: Kross Studio

First, the watch. Kross Studio’ timepiece is centred around a key part of the Batman’s mythos – the Bat Signal, which is simultaneously used to summon the comic book hero whilst striking fear into the hearts of wrongdoers.

The Bat emblem, typically used to cast a striking silhouette in the Gotham sky, now takes centre stage on the watch’s central tourbillon cage. Its louvred surface allows light to permeate through, thereby providing glimpses of the regulator below.

The mechanical watch – consisting of 283-parts, hand-made and assembled in Gland, Switzerland – is also hand-wound, with a power reserve of five days.

Kross Studio The Batman Collector Set
Photo: Kross Studio

The watch strap can be switched out depending on the occasion. These include a black calf leather strap, embossed to resemble the hero’s armoured plating, or a more casual black rubber strap with black stitching. Then there’s the red rubber strap with red stitching. All the straps are reinforced with a rubber inlay for durability and long-term comfort.

The limited-to-ten collector’s set also comes with a fully-functional, downsized Bat Signal with a hidden slot in the back to store your tourbillon – or any other trinket or watch of your choosing.

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If you’re not willing to splash out US$100,000 on Batman memorabilia, Kross Studio is also offering a more economical option: four watch rolls designed around the colours and iconography of key characters of Matt Reeves’ film.

These include Catwoman and The Riddler, both mainstays from the Dark Knight’s coterie of supervillains; as well as two for Batman himself. These can be had for a friendly US$250 (S$340) apiece.

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