Initial thoughts:

“Before Watches & Wonders 2021 started, there was much talk on social media about the new 5711 being green. The Nautilus 5711/1A-014 is a very significant model in the history of Patek Philippe. It is the farewell edition of the Nautilus 5711 stainless steel range and produced in limited numbers.  [Editor’s note: This model marks the final year of production for the steel Ref. 5711.] This cult watch comes in a beautiful sunburst olive green dial with the highest standards of satinated and polished finishing, as expected of every Patek.”

When I decided to get it:

“When news was released that Patek was coming out with a farewell edition for the 5711 Nautilus, I immediately knew that I had to get one. To me, it is like completing a collection of Picasso or Monet. I also have the blue (in steel), white (in steel), brown in rose gold case, and now the green. This marks the completion of my 5711 Nautilus collection.”

How long I waited:

“From the day it was launched, I waited two to three weeks before I got the ‘winning lottery ticket’ call. I’m probably one of the first lucky few in Singapore to receive it. It has always been said that the waiting time for your Patek adds to your buying experience. This is human nature — you will only appreciate something more if you had to wait or really work for it.”

Adrian Ong Nautilus green 5711
Ong’s Nautilus 5711 in steel with green dial. (Image credit: Adrian Ong)

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My secret to getting this timepiece:

“There is no secret. I have a very good relationship with the ADs (authorised distributors) in Singapore. They understand and appreciate my love for Pateks, the history of the brand and the quality that it stands for. I’d also like to think that the joy and passion radiating from me when I talk watches helps to convince them that I am actually deserving of a piece. Those who know me know that I will not part with my Pateks. It’s a cliche, but as the Patek slogan goes, you never really own a Patek Phillipe, you merely look after it for the next generation.”

Ref. 5711 — blue, green or white in steel, or brown in rose gold?

“This is a very difficult question to answer. It’s like asking you, which of your kids do you like better? I love all the same! As for watches, I would say I would go with what I am feeling for the day. So if I feel like having a green dial on my wrist today, that will be the watch for the day. Also, the steel and gold models feel like totally different watches. The rose gold version feels a lot more formal, and the beautiful chocolate-brown dial goes so well with the rose gold bracelet.”

Nautilus steel 5711 green blue dials
Ong’s Nautilus Ref. 5711 watches in steel with green or blue dials. (Image credit: Adrian Ong)

Living with the green-dialled 5711:

“What’s unique about this dial is that its colour changes a lot according to the ambient lighting. It’s a wonderful olive under sunlight, but can look blue from certain angles and even black in darker light. I also like how the 5711 features many different kinds of finishing — from the brushing on the flat surfaces of the case and the bracelet, to the mirror polishing on the bezel and case edges. Its sleekness and stellar workmanship make this particular piece a very special one for me.”

The Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref. 5711/1A-014 retails for S$46,000.

All images courtesy of Adrian Ong.