Hermes quad-style roller skates

[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]he retro revival, which has gained serious momentum in the last couple of years, looks set to race onwards into 2019 as well – if we trust the trendsetters at Hermes, that is. Its Holiday 2018 collection includes this pair of sneaker skates, the statement footwear that refuses to be put to bed. (Saint Laurent launched a sky-high stiletto version last year.)

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A nod to popular culture and the growing popularity of the makers of quad-style roller skates (as opposed to single-row inline skates) like LA-based Moxi or Paris’ Flaneurz, the Hermes version features a leather Poker sneaker designed by Pierre Hardy that’s detachable from a leather-and-printed maple veneer skate. It’s a fun, kitschy gift for those embracing the current taste for throwbacks from simpler eras – whether they are first-time adopters of these retro wheels, were roller-disco fans back in the day, or lie somewhere in between. And, even if a recipient is – for whatever reason – unable to roll with it, hey, they’ve still got themselves a pair of cool sneakers.

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