Revival Vintage Jewels Modern Masters exhibition

With many of us stuck at home and craving newness and inspiration, it is timely that local antique jewellery boutique Revival Vintage Jewels & Objects will be hosting a selling exhibition of four leading contemporary jewellery designers from Sept 11 to 17.

Through the showcase Modern Masters: 21st Century Masterpiece Jewels, store founder and jewellery expert Brenda Kang wanted to highlight jewellers with a distinctive point of view, immensely personal creative expression and exceptional craftsmanship. Here are the four designers whose works will be on show.

01: JAR

JAR stands for Joel Arthur Rosenthal, one of the most influential jeweller in contemporary times. Having formerly worked for Bulgari, the Paris-based American designer is known for imaginative designs that make use of antique gemstones, natural pearls, coloured gemstones that were once neglected in high jewellery, as well as unorthodox materials like aluminium, bronze and titanium. The pieces on show include his lightweight, softly curving rose petal aluminium earrings and statement brooches.

02: Bhagat

A family business that’s over a century old, Mumbai-based Bhagat is helmed by fourth-generation head Viren Bhagat. His two sons Varun and Jay are also part of the business, which produces just 60 pieces of hand-crafted jewellery a year. The company’s calling card is a fresh style of Indian jewellery that celebrates both tradition and modernity. One of its signatures is the setting of flat, slender, custom-cut diamonds in minimal metal so the stones appear to be floating. Standout pieces on show include ruby and diamond earrings, as well as a pair of intricately set diamond bracelets.

03: Hemmerle

The history of Munich-based brand Hemmerle goes back to 1893, when two Hemmerle brothers took over an established goldsmith business whose clients included the Bavarian royal family. In 1995, it entered a new era when Stefan Hermmele and his wife Sylveli took the reins. Hemmerle’s style is bold and sculptural, and is heavily influenced by contemporary art. The jeweller is known for its use of unusual materials such as copper, bronze, aluminium wood, as well as moonstones, brown diamonds, agates and natural Bavarian horn. Watch out for a pair of drop earrings that are anchored by micro-mosaics dating from 1828.

04: Forms

Founded in 2009 by Tzvika Janover and Elad Assor, Forms is a Hong Kong-based jeweller that stands out with intricate designs that are somehow also appear deceptively effortless. The entire team works together, using the finest gemstones to create modern works of wearable art such as a torque-style collar, earrings shaped like undulating wings, or shell-like openwork spiral earrings. The company creates less than 100 pieces of jewellery a year, and a high-jewellery piece can take up to a year to complete.

Revival Vintage Jewels & Objects is located at Wheelock Place (#04-05B). Call +65 6635 1735 to make an appointment to view the Modern Masters exhibition.